Yes, we primarily build development teams, although we are equally committed to recruiting individual IT professionals. In any case, we remain constantly close to the people who work for our clients. We feel responsible for them. We constantly introduce solutions to our company, improving comfort and building a friendly working environment. We understand people, we know the needs of programmers, and have learned the psychology of the team. As a result:

  • We work with companies around the world, operating in the high-tech, telco,
    e-commerce, and banking industries.
  • We have experienced developers in our team (average experience of our IT specialist is 7 years).
  • We can provide your company with qualified IT specialists within few days.
  • We can also support your company in administrative matters (payroll, taxes), the onboarding process, legal formalities, soft HR, and to organize the office.
  • We are willing to take on challenges that go beyond standard activities. Cutting new trails is one of the main strategic goals of our company.

The people you are looking for. The people you will like.

We will hire for your company the IT specialists you really need. We will identify their profiles, efficiently acquire the right people, verifying their technical knowledge related to the project. We will conduct all negotiations and handle formalities related to employment and payroll matters.

Open a development center in Poland and benefit from the largest pool of IT talent in Europe.

In recent years, Poland has grown into a leader in the field of IT services. In Central and Eastern Europe, there are more than one million programmers, and one in two of them lives in Poland. We will handle not only recruitment, but also the management of your team, administration(payroll, taxes), the onboarding process, soft HR, benefits, office organization. With all this, you will retain full control over your team.

Ideal solution for start-ups.

If your company has just started operations, we have a special cooperation model for you: Build-Operate-Transfer. We will build a development team at the start of your company and take care of all aspects of hiring, accounting and payroll, and soft HR, as well as office organization. We will put at your disposal a well-managed and motivated team of professionals over whom you will exercise control. You can formally transfer the entire team to your company at your convenience.

IT teams in Poland without opening a branch office.

We can be a legal employer for your team in Poland. We will take care of everything necessary for employees in our country - legal services, payroll, soft HR, including onboarding, integration, fringe benefits. Your company will retain full and exclusive control over your team.

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