One of the world's most popular mobile games.

The challenge

An Israeli client, one of the world's fastest-growing mobile game companies, approached us with a need to move its development center (about 100 IT specialists) to Warsaw.

The solution

We not only assumed the role of formal employer for the transferred employees (employer of record), but supported their adaptation in the new enviroment. We handled most of the necessary matters - helping them find housing, obtain work permits or set up a bank account. We also quickly helped the client expand its team of programmers.

The result

While we continue to hire new personnel, this merely scratches the surface of our client-focused activities. Our primary role is to serve as a back office, supporting clients operations and providing essential services. We take care of various tasks on behalf of our client, like hiring employees, signing contracts, and sourcing suppliers. Essentially, we act as an intermediary and handle these administrative and operational responsibilities to support our clients' business operations in Poland. Our goal is to streamline processes and ensure smooth functioning while maintaining compliance with local regulations and laws. We prioritize the well-being of employees by providing support in various aspects of their lives. This support extends beyond the workplace and includes assisting with tax-related matters and even helping employees find suitable doctors for their children.

Client’s development center in numbers

+100 IT specialists (Unity, mobile tech., cloud.)
+1 year of operation in Warsaw
2 dedicated speedapp operation employees focused on supporting clients' needs.

Revolutionary payment solution for the e-commerce industry.

We built the first development team for a Polish fintech.

A team of programmers operating in a flexible work model

We provide a team of qualified programmers, billed only according to hours worked.

AI-powered price intelligence engine that predicts a price on anything.

We helped an Israeli Algo Trading-based start-up to develop its product.

App - express delivery of purchases

Within 2 months, we hired an IT team (8 FTE) developing an app.

Global investment platform with 27m users.

We helped an Israeli Algo Trading-based start-up to develop its product.
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