Are you an IT specialist or looking for a job in our operations team? As a speedapp, we are looking not only for consultants, but also for HR, sales or finance staff. Choose your path and join us.


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Welcome to a friendly haven for nomads!

You probably know what we're talking about. This isn't the first place you've visited, and probably not the first place where you will work. If you're the kind of person we're looking for, we'll do everything we can to make sure you stay with us for longer.

We are sure, that working with us will be a great adventure on the trail of interesting and important projects.

We can appreciate your knowledge and competence. We will offer you projects in which you will feel comfortable. We will get you acquainted with people you will like.

We understand your needs and know how to be flexible. We know that, like us, you feel responsible for the tasks entrusted to you and will manage your work in the best way.

As speedapp, we offer you:

A wide range of benefits (medical care, life insurance, Multisport).
Interesting projects, implemented all over the world. If you are looking for challenging projects in global technology companies, you have come to the right place.
Good atmosphere - we will invite you to events, joint outings, initiatives, such as a company run or charity events.
The support of our Career Advisor thanks to whom you will discover new ideas for your professional development.
The support of a dedicated mentor. In the relationship, we focus on direct communication. When you join speedapp, you will be put in touch with a dedicated mentor who will make sure that you enjoy working with us and with the client.
A place to work - when you run out of a suitable place to work, you can always drop by our office in Warsaw or Gdańsk.

Do you have the soul of an explorer? Does exploring the unknown give you satisfaction?

Join our team! At speedapp, we believe that an organization is only as good as the people who make it up, and we value our employees, their individuality, need for freedom, curiosity about the world. That's why we create a flexible and open work environment, based on smart and optimized structures. We value knowledge and allow our employees to develop.

How do we work at speedapp?

We are friendly to the workation model.
We value flexibility and we work hybrid (min. 4 days a month from the office).
We provide support from the first day of work (we assign Buddy - a dedicated person to take care of a new employee).
We organize competitions and challenges (sports and more...).
We discover new corners of Poland during team-building trips.
We provide medical care, life insurance, and a multisport card.
We love having breakfast together.
We subsidize English language learning.
We conduct workshops and internal trainings.
We let you learn from your mistakes and create a learning zone.
We care about the development of strengths based on the StrengthsFinder assessment.

Discover our values

See if you're on the right track with us.

Are you working with us? Who knows the advantages of working at speedapp better than you! Who better understands the kind of people we are looking for to join our team?

Refer a friend and receive a reward!
  • From PLN 2,000 to PLN 5,000 in the case of an IT consultant.
  • PLN 2,000 in the case of a speedapp team member.
How to refer a friend?
Send a message to:
When referring your friend, remember that:
  • the referred person must work with us for a minimum of 3 months,
  • the referred person cannot be a candidate who is currently participating in the recruitment process or has applied to us within the last year,
  • your referred friend needs to know that they have been referred by you,
  • the referred friend must not be a current or former employee of our company or of a company of the client that works with us.
You can find detailed terms and conditions here.
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