5 most important information about speedapp

1. Expertise

We are a company that combines experience and knowledge from IT and HR fields. We got to know each of them inside out, and each builds our competencies equally. We know perfectly well what the people we hire will do and who we need to perform specific programming tasks.

2. Among European talents

We are based in central Europe, which enables us to easily reach more than 600,000 IT professionals from this part of the continent.

3. Europe and the world

We have been operating in the Polish and foreign markets for a almost decade.

4. Numbers

Our team consists of more than 300 programmers and other IT experts working for our clients. We employ at least one IT professional every day and can conduct about 30 recruitment processes simultaneously.

5. Business ethics

We act ethically, always putting the well-being of people at the center, both our client, who cares about meeting important deadlines, and our employees, who want to work in a friendly atmosphere on interesting projects.

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