A team of programmers operating in a flexible work model

The challenge

An Austrian start-up in the creative industry, which specializes in building websites and online stores, has been experiencing dissatisfaction with the quality of work provided by foreign developers. The company is exploring the possibility of hiring Polish programmers and has contacted speedapp for assistance. The start-up requires a unique solution – building a team of programmers who can work flexibly and freelance for the long-term. Here's how speedapp can help:

The solution

Our team wasted no time in presenting the client with the first set of candidates on the day of the briefing. Within a month, we successfully signed a contract with our first programmer. It wasn't a typical recruitment process as we were seeking part-time and flexible workers. Within a few weeks, we had assembled a team of programmers who were working on behalf of the client.

The result

We introduced the Tech Tribe: a customized IT solution. Our solution gives the company access to a flexible pool of IT experts, allowing it to outsource the design work based on their current requirements. By connecting highly qualified programmers with a variety of tasks, we provide businesses with access to top talent in the IT industry. Additionally, we have introduced the role of IT Manager, who plays a crucial part in matching consultants to projects, overseeing the team and workflow, and ensuring effective communication and high-quality task completion.


Webflow, Shopify, Fullstack Web Developer: React, Next.js, Node.js, Storyblok, Flutter, Wordpress, Xentral, WHMCS, Web Design.

Revolutionary payment solution for the e-commerce industry.

We built the first development team for a Polish fintech.

AI-powered price intelligence engine that predicts a price on anything.

We helped an Israeli Algo Trading-based start-up to develop its product.

App - express delivery of purchases

Within 2 months, we hired an IT team (8 FTE) developing an app.

Global investment platform with 27m users.

We helped an Israeli Algo Trading-based start-up to develop its product.

One of the world's most popular mobile games.

We have built a development center in Poland for one of the world's fastest-growing mobile game companies.
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