Revolutionary payment solution for the e-commerce industry.

Poland's fintech sector has been experiencing rapid expansion in recent years. Fueled by a combination of factors such as technological advancements, changing consumer behaviors, and a supportive regulatory environment.

Is it really that simple to enter the market and launch a groundbreaking fintech solution?

Let’s see what challenge the promising Polish fintech faced at the start of its journey.

The challenge

Our client, a Polish fintech startup, aimed to revolutionize e-commerce experience with deferred payments solution. They faced the challenge of assembling a team of IT specialists to develop their innovative financial application.

What were the main problems:

· Time constraints: Traditional hiring methods were time-consuming, delaying the development timeline of their application.

· Skill gap: Identifying and attracting top-tier IT specialists proved challenging.

· Resource limitations: As a startup, the client faced resource constraints, limiting their ability to compete with larger firms in the talent market.

The solution

speedapp offered a solution to address the client's challenges. Leveraging its extensive network speedapp quickly identified and connected the client with highly skilled IT specialists. Speedapp worked closely with the client to understand their project requirements and organizational culture, ensuring that the assembled team was aligned with the company's goals.

The result

speedapp enabled the client to assemble their first IT team swiftly, accelerating the development timeline of their solution. Empowered by a skilled and cohesive IT team, the client successfully developed and launched their financial application, gaining traction in the market and laying a strong foundation for future growth. In total, we helped onboard 30 IT specialists.Today our client is the leader in deferred payments in Poland.


PHP, Java, Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Analyst, Product Owner, UX/UI Designer, Frontend Developer with React, ETL Developer, Data Scientist, Manual Tester.

A team of programmers operating in a flexible work model

We provide a team of qualified programmers, billed only according to hours worked.

AI-powered price intelligence engine that predicts a price on anything.

We helped an Israeli Algo Trading-based start-up to develop its product.

App - express delivery of purchases

Within 2 months, we hired an IT team (8 FTE) developing an app.

Global investment platform with 27m users.

We helped an Israeli Algo Trading-based start-up to develop its product.

One of the world's most popular mobile games.

We have built a development center in Poland for one of the world's fastest-growing mobile game companies.
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