Global investment platform with 27m users.

The challenge

An Israeli fintech reached out to us when it has experienced quick international growth. The company earned record revenues and its multi-asset investing platform reached +27 million users worldwide. The biggest challenge was to hire the right IT specialists in a very short notice.

The solution

They wanted to establish development center abroad. They consider Poland as a location for their nearshore development center because of highly-skilled IT workforce and lower labor cost comparing to other EU countries. It was also important for client to have office space and all administration and HR functions managed.

The result

We started to act immediately and within 1 month we onboarded 6 software developers. After 3 months we set an office in Warsaw (at the beginning we offer our workplace). 9 months later the company had 4 developers teams in Poland (+32 people).

Numbers speak for themselves

92% candidates were invited for the interview.
18% candidates were hired.
21 days (avg.) CV sent to job offer time.


Data Engineering, AI, .NET, Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Revolutionary payment solution for the e-commerce industry.

We built the first development team for a Polish fintech.

A team of programmers operating in a flexible work model

We provide a team of qualified programmers, billed only according to hours worked.

AI-powered price intelligence engine that predicts a price on anything.

We helped an Israeli Algo Trading-based start-up to develop its product.

App - express delivery of purchases

Within 2 months, we hired an IT team (8 FTE) developing an app.

One of the world's most popular mobile games.

We have built a development center in Poland for one of the world's fastest-growing mobile game companies.
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