Unlock the hidden potential of Polish developers.

When you think of Poland you might think of a beautiful landscape, complex history and rich culture. Forget it! Poland has emerged as Europe's leading tech center with a vast pool of talented IT professionals. Discover how to unlock the power of polish developers.

A glimpse into Poland’s booming tech industry

Poland is located in Central Europe and has a population of over 38 million people. The Polish economy is the sixth largest in the European Union and is considered to be one of the most robust economies in the region. In recent years, Poland has experienced consistent economic growth, with a GDP growth rate of around 6,8% in 2021. Poland is a member of the European Union and NATO. The IT industry is booming in Poland. The IT sector in Poland today constitutes around 8% of the Polish GDP. In recent years, the country has produced more than 60k highly successful tech companies. Poland is quickly becoming the leading source for IT developers. The talent pool in Poland consists of almost 400,000 developers, top in the CEE.

5 reasons why your next developer should be from Poland

#1 Well educated and talented
Poland boasts one of the world's oldest higher education systems, with the prestigious Jagiellonian University in Krakow, which opened its doors in 1364. Higher education is free of charge, giving any citizen the possibility to expand their knowledge. Poland education system places a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math subjects. Polish students receive a strong technical skills, which allows them to excel in IT careers. Poland produces around 15,000 computer science graduates per year. The University of Warsaw is the only university in the world that has advanced to the annual ICPC World Finals, the most prestigious global team programming competition, 29 times in a row (surpassing all the top universities like MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford)! Polish IT specialists are the most talented in Europe according to„Future of IT” Report, from Emerging Europe Limited (2023). In the overall IT Competitiveness classification, Poland remains one of the top three key players in the European IT market.

#2 Passionate about tech and improving his skills
Polish developers are known for their passion for continuous learning and improvement. They actively participate in coding meetups, hackathons, and conferences, and are constantly seeking out new technologies and techniques to enhance their skills.

#3 Devoted to work and project
Polish developers have built a reputation as reliable professionals with a great work ethic. They are known for their commitment to delivering high-quality work. Many of them are involved in open source projects and contribute to the global tech community (In OpenAI,out of the first 50 engineers hired, 10 of them were from Poland!). Additionally, Polish developers share similar cultural values and business practices with Western Europe and the US, making collaboration seamless.

#4 Proficient in English
English is often used as the primary language for communication in the tech industry. Polish developer has a good command of the language.

#5 Unbeatable cost/quality ratio
High-value services in Poland are at a comparably lower cost than what is expected in Western Europe and North America. By leveraging Polish developers, companies can benefit from top-notch expertise while optimizing their budgets.

Navigating Potential Challenges

While hiring Polish developers presents numerous advantages, it's essential to be aware of potential challenges. Here are two key issues that foreign companies may face:

#1 Competition for talent
Despite Poland being a huge IT talent hub it is not easy to find a perfect match. To attract top talent, companies may need to offer competitive salaries, benefits, and professional development opportunities. Understanding the Polish market and its requirements is crucial in securing the right candidates.

#2 Legal and administrative issues
To hire polish specialists you may need to establish a company entity in Poland. It is not an easy option because of complex legislation system, taxes etc. Overcoming these difficulties can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Hiring Polish developers for your company's success made easy

Luckily you can benefit from polish IT pool without opening a single entity and dealing with all those bureaucracy. How? Let’s find out how speedapp help an Israeli client to onboard more than 30 polish IT engineers without the need for a physical presence in Poland.

We take care of all aspects of employment and wellbeing (case study)

An Israeli fintech reached out to speedapp when it has experienced quick international growth. The company earned record revenues of $600M and its multi-asset investing platform reached +27 million users worldwide. The biggest challenge was to hire the right IT specialists in a very short notice. They wanted to establish development center abroad. They consider Poland as a location for their nearshore development center because of highly-skilled IT workforce and lower labor cost comparing to other EU countries. It was also important for a company to have office space and all administration and HR functions managed. Speedapp helped them quickly scaling the size of the core Software Development Team by over 10%. Within 1 month we onboarded 6 software developers. After 3 months we set an office in Warsaw (at the beginning we offered our workplace). 9 months later the company had 4 developers teams in Poland (+32 people).

But that was just the beginning

While we continue to hire new personnel, this merely scratches the surface of our client-focused activities. Our primary role is to serve as a back office, supporting clients operations and providing essential services so they didn’t need to build operational structure in Poland. All HR and administration functions were on speedapp side:payroll, taxes, onboarding process, managing legal & security paperwork, soft HR, competitive benefits, office space and more.

Ongoing support is a priority

Managing a development center is not just about maintaining an office. It is much more. We take care of various tasks on behalf of our client, like hiring employees, signing contracts, andsourcing suppliers. Essentially, we act as an intermediary and handle these administrative and operational responsibilities to support our clients' business operations in Poland. Our goal is to streamline processes and ensure smooth functioning while maintaining compliance with local regulations and laws. We prioritize the well-being of employees by providing support in various aspects of their lives. This support extends beyond the workplace and include assisting with tax-related matters and even helping employees find suitable doctors for their children.

Numbers speak for themselves

92% candidates were invited for the interview.
18% candidates were hired.
21 days (avg.) CV sent to job offer time.
• Clients saved cost up to 25%.
• We helped them quickly scaling the size of the core Software Development Team by over 10%.

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