4 reasons why it's worth outsourcing IT recruitment to an external company

Potential clients often ask: "Why should I collaborate with a recruitment company when I have an internal HR department?"

Here are 4 benefits of such cooperation:

The IT market is highly demanding. Up to 76% of employers worldwide struggle to find IT professionals*. Recruitment agencies are well-equipped to search for ideal candidates, thanks to their extensive network of contacts (speedapp has over 45,000 IT specialists in its database).

Finding the right employee will take you an average of 1.5 months. A company specializing in IT recruitment can do it much faster. At speedapp, we can present the first candidates within just a few days.

Did you know that the cost of recruiting an employee averages around 3,000-4,000 Polish zloty? This amount only covers basic expenses such as job advertisements or the time spent by employees analyzing CVs and conducting interviews. What about the costs of purchasing recruitment software, maintaining recruitment infrastructure? There are also the costs of lost time when after several months of fruitless searching, your projects are at a standstill. At speedapp, we operate on a success fee basis, meaning you pay when the employee is successfully recruited!

Your HR department deals not only with recruitment but also with topics such as onboarding, offboarding, training and wellbeing. Recruiters in external firms dedicate 100% of their time to recruitment. And not just any recruitment! Only the most demanding ones for the IT industry!

* 2024 Global Talent Shortage, report by ManpowerGroup.

IT Outsourcing with speedapp

Speedapp offers access to the best experts in the IT industry. We deliver qualified, pre-screened programmers to employers. Our process is simple. Tell us what project you want to develop or what technical skills you are looking for, and leave the rest to us. Within a few days, we will present you with the first candidates who meet your needs.

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